GOP Wallet2.3.0 user Guide

1.Download and install the GOP Wallet:


You can use the wallet after unzip the download package.

2.Open the wallet:

Double Click GOPWallet.exe to open the wallet.The wallet will update the blockchain data when it open(Figure 1)。It may take you a long time,please do not shut down the PC.Wallet will entry the password setting page when the blockchain data update complete(Figure 2).

  Figure 1

  Figure 2

You need to set the login password when you first login the wallet.The password must 8 or more character including letter and number.Attention please,the password cannot be recovered.

3.Create Account:

You can create a wallet account on account page.You have to entry a account name made by lowercase and number when you create a new account.When you entry the account name,the wallet will check if the account name is registered on the blockchain. If it is registered, you should not use it again(Figure 3).You will have a normal account, after create account,you can use the address of the account to make a deal.

  Figure 3

4.Upgrade account:

If you felt frustrated when you use the address,you can upgrade your address,to register your account name on the blockchain.So that you can make a deal with your account easily.

Click the upgrade button on the account detail page,and spend 0.01 GOP to upgrade your account(Figure 4).

If you want to become a delegate, you have to become a registered account.Then you can upgrade your account to a delegate with 1221.83GOP.When you become a delegate, you can get the right to be voted and you can get the reward by build block when you be ranked in the top 99.

  Figure 4


On the transfer page,you can select any account in the wallet to transfer.You can use the account name if the payee is a registered account,if not, you should entry the address of payee.The minimal fee to transfer is 0.01GOP(Figure 5).And you have to entry the wallet password again if you want to make a deal for more than 1000GOP.

  Figure 5

6.Check History of Transaction

You can view the last 10 transaction record on the survey page,also you could enter the account detail page from account page to view all record of the account.If you cannot find the transaction just happened,Please wait a moment,it will be displayed after the wallet get the block that have this transaction.

7.Wallet setting

Click the setting icon in the top right corner to set the wallet.You can set the lock duration, vote setting,language setting here.And you can change the wallet password or entry the console to operate the wallet here(Figure 6).

  Figure 6